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Line 6 Helix Rock' Stars Pack

Line 6 Helix Rock' Stars Pack

A new pack with differents sounds  of the greatest guitarists of the World.

This pack contains 15 presets and Echotones impulses responses.

The snapshot function is required to use those patchs.

Updated with firmware 3.01.


List of the presets : 

-Nirvana(Smells like Teen Spirits)

-Oasis(Don't look back in anger)

-Dire Straits(Money for Nothing)

-Brian May( Live Wembley)

-Foo Fighters(Everlong)


-The Police(Roxane)

-Radiohead (Creep)

-RATM(Killing in the name of)


-The Cranberries ( Zombie)

-Linkin' Park (New Divide)

-The Killers (When you were young)

-The White Stripes (Blue Orchid)

-Placebo (The Bitter End)

-The Offspring


These patchs contain several effects , so you can play several songs of the same artist with one patch.


    39,00 €Price
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